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Want the look and feel of brand new asphalt
but don't want to spend your life savings to get it?

Driveway Restore repairs the cracks and irregularities in your asphalt driveway, then seal coats the entire driveway to give it that sleek, black finish that will dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Using an infrared process unique only to Driveway Restore, your driveway or parking lot can be restored without having to pour large amounts of new asphalt. The Driveway Restore process uses Infrared heaters, hot mix asphalt and vibrating roller compactors.

It allows for the following results:

  • a beautiful sleek, black finish driveway / parking lot that will withstand both pedestrian and vehicular traffic for many years;
  • less impact on the environment because less asphalt is used - only the problem areas are repaired;
  • a seal coating that will extend the life of your driveway / parking lot

Get the driveway or parking lot you'd be proud to park your car on.

Contact DrivewayRestore for your free assessment!