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Driveway Restore is a company that is bringing infrared asphalt heating technology to residential driveways for the first time. The Infrared Heating Process has been used in roadway construction and repair for many years, but it has not been readily available to homeowners or owners of small parking lots - until now.

A review of the infrared technologies available showed that the best infrared delivery system was built by Heat Design Equipment (HDE), a local (Kitchener) company . HDE has been working with infrared heating since 1996, developing the market for this method of pavement repair with municipalities and paving companies.

Not only has it been established that this is a safe and effective methodology, but several municipalities have mandated its use. The province of Quebec, and the municipalities of Hamilton and Whitby, have led the way by requiring contractors to fix surface deficiencies in new construction using the infrared technology before municipalities take ownership of the roads.

Our goal is to make this superior repair process available to the general public.

We look forward to helping you understand what is happening to your asphalt, what repair needs exist, and how, using this leading-edge technology, we can make it right.

We, the owners of Driveway Restore Inc., have lived in the Waterloo Region for over 20 years. We are committed to helping our community lead the way in the use of the greenest solution possible in asphalt repair.