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Services  before and after

Our unique driveway / parking lot repair process will provide:

  • hot, seamless asphalt repair
  • 100% in-place pavement recycling
  • protective seal coat application

Our main services include:

  • restoration of distressed areas on driveways and parking lots
  • repair of settling between garage and driveway
  • crack repair using infrared heating
  • crack filling with rubberized asphalt
  • asphalt repair around catch basins
  • seal coating with professional grade compounds

Additional services include:

  • asphalt stamping
  • rumble strips, speed bumps
  • thermoplastic installations (eg. crosswalks)
  • access ramps

Contact DrivewayRestore today. Our consultants will be happy to assess the repair needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation maintenance plan!